About Us

When my wife (of 27 years) encouraged me to go pro five years ago, we started on one of the greatest journeys of our lives.

I have been interested in photography since almost as young as I can remember, when my grandmother handed me down a Brownie box camera. As I entered my high school years I stepped up to a professional-level SLR camera, learning dark room techniques and dabbled in photojournalism.

Through college and the years after, my love for photography remained strong even while life took me in other directions. After years of shooting on film I made the jump to digital in 2004 and completely fell in love with photography all over again and began photographing in earnest.

Finally in 2014, after years of practice and refinement, we opened our doors as David Uczen Photography. For the first couple years we focused on high school seniors, and photographing schools and dance studios. 

Then, in 2016, I began training with world renowned headshot and portrait photographer Peter Hurley and have focused on professional headshots and portraits ever since. 


Whether you're an actor, an executive or part of a team, our job it to get you an awesome headshot that says "I've Got This." We take the time needed to get you that headshot that screams confident yet approachable. That headshot that gets you wows and you look so great. Not only do we take the time needed to get a great headshot, but we put you in control of the process. With live image reviews during your session and our professional advice, you control how the session progresses. At the end, we'll sit down with you and help you choose the images you want and only the ones you want.

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DAVID UCZEN is co-owner and principal photographer with over 30 years experience. David co-owns David Uczen Photography, Inc. with his wife Jannette who manages the business. David and Jannette have lived in the Charlotte, NC area since 2006 and have one daughter, Hallie, who is a blossoming photographer herself.