WHAT DOES YOUR HEADSHOT SAY ABOUT YOU? In less than one-tenth of a second of seeing someone for the first time, we form our first impression of that person and make conclusions about that person's qualities, including trustworthiness, competency and friendliness. Right or wrong, most of us believe and stick with our first impressions.

In this digital age your headshot is your client's first impression, whether as a social media profile image, a web site image or an acting/modeling headshot. Your headshot needs to be great. It needs to shout confidence and whisper approachability. Your headshot needs to be attention grabbing and say "I'm your person, I've got this." Your headshot needs to be the great first impression you deserve - and we can help.


AN EXECUTIVE HEADSHOT OR A SNAPSHOT? Which one do you have? Which one do you want? In the age of digital communications the corporate headshot has virtually replaced the business card. When potential clients and business partners find you online what do you want your headshot to say - "I had to have my picture taken" or "I'm the right person for the job." 

There was a time when a headshot was just so people knew what you looked like. No more. Your headshot needs to tell people who you are. It needs to say your confident, you're determined, you're professional and you are approachable.

Now imagine someone is searching for you. What will your headshot say to them? This is where we step in - making your headshot look great and show who you are. We can get your headshot to show confidence and approachability. Contact us today so that your headshot can say "I'm the one you want."


LOST IN A SEA OF HEADSHOTS? Casting directors see hundreds upon thousands of headshots. After awhile they eventually all blur together allowing yours to get lost in the proverbial sea. It is just something that happens, casting directors are human. The trick is to stand out from the blur. 

We have the professional lighting and the know-how to get the lighting, poses and angles just right, we also know how to coach your expression for that blur stopping headshot. Wide-eyed, blank stares just don't cut it. You need to show your personality, your confidence and that you are approachable. In a word, you need "lookability." 

Be the person with the headshot that stands apart from the rest. The headshot that catches the casting director's eye.Contact us today so that your headshot says "Look no further, "I'm the one."